We are very happy to celebrate Omran Holding's 10th anniversary.

Our story started in 2004 to provide engineering and consulting services in water resources management, environmental engineering and energy fields. Having set out with this determined and determined vision, Omran Engineering Co. has grown from a company of its own to a large conglomerate, specializing in many engineering fields, gathering its philosophy and management style over a broad umbrella. 

As Omran Construction Company, we are working to create a much better tomorrow in the world, especially in Turkey, with our customer-oriented approach, human and environmental friendliness, high quality, international experience and sustainability policies meeting the needs of future generations, We also want to contribute to the development dynamics of Turkey. 

Considering the environmental, social and economic values of each area, we are making green friendly structures taking into consideration the technological, efficiency and ergonomic elements. Omran Holding, which creates a quality and confidence tradition that exemplifies the countries where it operates, will continue to grow by further supporting its development dynamics and further expanding its investments as Turkey's Omran Construction Company. 

As Omran Construction Company, we wish to build the future together

Ergin Bayram
General Manager

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